How to Choose a Vinyl Floor

Do you like the idea of a stone, wooden or ceramic floor but worry about the practicalities? They may be beautiful materials but they are difficult to maintain and keep clean and may be too cold or hard to walk on comfortably without shoes. There is a solution, though - vinyl.


Vinyl flooring can be cleaned and maintained relatively easily as well as resembling wood or stone should you wish. You can even choose how much detail or what sort of colour you would like, or decide between strips and tiles.


Vinyl resists water and is durable, meaning it is an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other places where there are likely to be wet spills. A wood-style floor can suit a bedroom or living room and may be a good option for people who suffer from allergies.


But there are some things you should consider while choosing vinyl floors.


Vinyl is often glossy and you should think about how much traffic the room is likely to see when deciding how much of a shine you want. If a floor is going to be walked on a lot, a high shine floor may show wear more easily.


You should also think about the kind of footwear you will be wearing on the floor and whether it is comfortable to walk on. Try standing on a sample of the flooring to see how well it cushions your foot.


Furniture is another matter to take into account. Vinyl floors can recover from impact and indentation to a degree but make sure that the flooring you choose is suitable to the furnishings that will be resting on it. Vinyl recovery - how well the material reacts to impact when something is dropped on it - is another issue buyers will need to look at.


Floor protecting products are available to help keep your vinyl surface in good condition. Ask your flooring company for help if you need it.


Consider also how much sunlight will be entering the room. Vinyl flooring can fade if constantly exposed to bright sunshine. If a lot of natural light is going to be coming into contact with the floor, neutral colours may be the best option.


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